Open your Eyes, Make up your Mind


Over the years, one of my favorite activities has been to criticize, most successful mainstream music and movies, the people who make them and last but not least, those who actually purchase them. I used to find that the more successful the song or movie was, the more unlistenable & unwatchable it turned out to be. I, in turn, used to be criticized for not having an open mind and for being too judgmental. People used to preach, in my general direction, that different people have different tastes; just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.


I think however, these people missed my point. I don’t believe that “The Godfather & Pink Floyd” MUST be the answer to the question “What’s your favorite film & artist?”.. It’s just one of the best. Moreover, now that I’ve learned more about Public Relations (PR), previously called propaganda, I can confidently say that I was 99.9 if not 100% right. I’m not saying that my kind of music is the only kind of music or that my idea of a good film is the only acceptable one, I’m just saying that some products out there over shadow others due to artificial factors, not just because of individual tastes.


Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, the Twilight Saga, Will Smith Jr. Jr. and all the rest of these highly profitable and commercially successful monstrosities do not owe their popularity to their actual quality or content, but in fact to the power and influence of PR. In the early 20th century, major corporations started to use propaganda and suggestive advertisement in order to, at first influence and recently brainwash the masses into buying their PRODUCTS which are furthest as can be from art. One of the things that upset me most, other than the mindlessness and manipulation involved, is the fact that all these products are labeled as, of all things, ART !!




To further support and demonstrate my point, mainly that these are not my personal opinions but facts, I present to you, Edward Bernays. Hailed as “the father of public relations”, two of his most famous assignments came from the US when he was recruited by a major American Corporation, then by the United States government to:


a) Devise a way to extend the tobacco market to include women.


b) Positively influence American public opinion towards the invasion of Guatemala.




After consulting his uncle Sigmund Freud, Bernays successfully achieved both tasks and many, many others. Reflecting on relatively recent history, we now know that PR can and in fact has been on many occasions, used not only to sell useless items for much more than they’re worth to people who don’t have money to spend, but also to invade foreign countries with its innocent civilians.


 Obviously, this is an extremely serious matter; citizens of the most powerful nations are being constantly manipulated, by the world’s elite, into accepting and requesting disastrous proposals and notions. The most recent and obvious example would be the election of a manipulative, deceptive, pest of a person as president in the form of Barack Obama. I was right to criticize and it is always a good thing to be ever critical of everything, I just didn’t know how to put my thoughts into words; now that I have, and unless you’ve already taken up this initiative, I invite, encourage and urge everyone to immediately stop watching, listening to and believing, like sheep, SHIT !




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